National Daughter's Day

When my husband and I first starting dating, I had a 3-year old son. As our relationship started getting serious and we started planning a future together, I let him know that I was done having children. I didn't feel like I was that great of a mom, and I knew that I really hated pregnancy and childbirth, so my son was the only child I ever planned on having.

A few years into living together, my not-quite-husband turned to me and said, "Are you sure you don't want any more children?" I pondered on his words for a moment and realized that he wasn't wanting a simple yes or no answer. He wanted me to have his baby. At that moment I decided that maybe I did want another baby, and since I was 32-years old at the time, I suggested that we get started right away. I was sure, but I was apprehensive. 

The next year, right around my son's 6th birthday, I had tell-tale signs of being pregnant. One home pregnancy test and one trip to the OB-GYN later, it was confirmed: I was going to have another baby.
I was a nervous, for many reasons, but I was excited too. On June 27, 2006, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and instantly fell in love, just like I had with my son nearly seven years prior. My fears of not being a good mother subsided as I adjusted to having two children, and my skills as a mother became more concrete. Having another baby taught me how to be a better mom and I really blossomed into motherhood after that.

Now, my handsome son is 15 and my beautiful daughter is 9. While parenting has had it's ups and downs--we've all had our trying days--I'm thankful everyday for my children. They've given my life so much joy and meaning, and I absolutely love every moment I get to spend with them. There are no two people I'd rather spend time with.

My daughter is no longer a baby, she's growing up fast right before my eyes. It's bittersweet for sure as I miss the little thing who relied on me for everything, but at the same time I relish seeing the strong, independent girl she is becoming. So today, on National Daughter's Day, I want to wish the best of days to one of the sweetest, kindest, smartest, and prettiest little girls I know. Thanks for being my daughter and choosing me as your mom, and, to that end, I hope I have lived up to expectations. I love you baby girl. 


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