I'm giving 20 people a chance to read The Melody for free!

"Jessie is twenty and feels stuck living with her parents in the Nebraska countryside after a failed year of college. Her mom is always brooding and angry, and they just can't seem to get along. Things begin to change when she runs into Matt, who graduated high school the year before Jessie, and they begin a romance. 

After their first date, she wakes up with a melody stuck in her head. Lovely at first, it becomes a constant source of frustration and a true menace at times as she struggles to deal with its persistence and the constant tension within her family. 

One day, a stranger comes into the cafe where she works and recognizes the song as she hums it. Could it have something to do with Christie Anderson, who's been missing for twenty years, and who just happened to be her mom's best friend? 

Can she unravel the bitter threads of her life and solve a mystery before it's too late?"

Do you like a good mystery? Does this sound like a book you would be interested in reading? Could you read it in three weeks and review it promptly afterwards? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then I would be interested in doing a swap. I give you a free PDF file of my book The Melody, and in exchange you promise to read it in three week's time and then review it on amazon. It's that simple. 

If you answered no to any of these questions, or do not think you can read and review it in three weeks then this giveaway is not for you! As an indie author, I count on reviews to help boost my author profile and bring more notice to my work. As I near the finish of my third book, The Station (my best yet!), I really want to get more exposure for my second book to elevate my author profile in preparation. Can you help me out?

If you are interested (please, please, serious inquiries only), email me at halarsonwriter@gmail.com and we'll talk about how we can have a mutually beneficial relationship.  ;)

Warmest regards,

H.A. Larson


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