Hiking on a hot day

This past week was my first week out of my training schedule at work and in my regular schedule. I elected to work four 10-hour shifts as opposed to five 8-hour shifts and I'm glad I did. I really love working three days, having a full weekend (Fri and Sat), working one day, and then having one more day off. It's also nice to have days off during the week in case I need to take care of things that just can't be done on the weekend.

So yesterday was the first day of my weekend and the kids happened to have Friday and Monday off for Labor Day weekend so I drug them out to do my favorite activity: hiking. One of my favorite spots is Hitchcock Nature Center, a quick drive out of Omaha across the border in Iowa. Nestled into the Loess Hills, this place affords miles of hiking and gorgeous scenery. No matter what season, this place is beautiful.

It was close to 90 degrees yesterday so we didn't hike far, but just getting away from the city and being surrounded by the lushness of the woods is intoxicating. Is it any wonder that hiking is one of my favorite activities? 

A side path to the outdoor education area.

A view of Nebraska in the distance from the boardwalk.

Wildflowers bloom alongside thistle flowers: a beautiful feast of colors against the trail of green.

A view from the deck of the lodge. One can view a 180 degree panorama from this spot with views of the Loess Hills, the forest, and Nebraska in the far distance.


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