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Good morning!  So, I'm finally feeling better, not perfect, but better.  I am definitely weak, and still a bit achy, but overall, I can't complain.  As a treat, I figured I would go ahead and make the post showing you my makeup.  Now, I know it doesn't look like much, but let me explain.  A few months ago I realized that the majority of my makeup was old, and really needed to be tossed out/replaced.  So, I thinned out my collection considerably.  Although I was sad, I realize that I just made a hell of a lot of room for new stuff!  Whee.  So here's what I kept, and some of the new.  Stay tuned though, because big palettes are next on my horizon.

 The white drawer unit is where I keep most of my beauty essentials.  The container on top is makeup.

 Here are two foundations and a tone correcter.  If you don't have one of those, you really need one.  They are awesome.

 I couldn't bear to throw away that one Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow so I didn't.  :)  The others are some NYC, one is also from their older collection.  Hey, I am partial to some of my old go-tos!

 You saw from my dollar store hauls a couple of these, and yes that one does say 50 cents!  I couldn't pass it up for that price!  The small grey is a Pur brand, and it's pretty cool because the underside opens to reveal a small mirror and brush.  The large one is an awesome set I picked up at Walmart.  The shades are very shimmery so I would more recommend for night use, but nowadays I noticed that a lot with many eyeshadows.

 This is my old brush collection:  well-loved and well-used.  I really need to wash these brushes, and it's on my to-do list, I swear!

 Some of my lip colors, the baby lips was another 50 cents clearance item.

 Mascaras.  One isn't even open yet!  I prefer the Mary Kay one, but it started clumping up after my first couple of uses.  :(

 Some eye liners.  The old tried and true Maybelline, a smokey eye pen by Maybelline as well in blue, L.A. colors dial-up black pen, Revlon felt-liner (one of my all-time faves), and the last is actually a lip liner, also shown in my dollar store haul.

 This is my eyebrow stuff.  I had a bad elf mascara so I cleaned the brush and saved it for grooming my eyebrows or for when my other mascara gets clumpy.  The light brown pens are no good for my collor, and the bottom one, by Wet 'n Wild is my favorite.

 I forgot to put this with my other eyeliners.  The LA colors liquid eyeliner.  Liquid eyeliner is one of the best things to ever happen in the makeup world IMHO.

 A couple of concealers, one stick the other liquid.

 Extra applicators (they suck) and some applicator wedges (love).

 I always keep regular old chapstick and hand creme in my makeup stock, just in case.  ;)

 These are both eyeshadow primer.  Another great invention.

 Face powder, one is the old standby Covergirl, and the other is L'Oreal Infallible matte.  Then my lone blush.  I have naturally rosy cheeks so I rarely add blush, but when I do I prefer something non-rosy, like this gorgeous copper.

 Eyelash curler and misc. that you've seen in other posts.

 This great thing was another Dollar Tree purchase for $1!  You can refill it yourself and it's great for all the obvious reasons.

 Top shelf of the beauty unit.  For showing where my brushes live.

The various brushes I use.  Elf makes a quality, inexpensive product.  I have a couple of the eco tools that are made with real hair as well, and then I few others I found at the dollar store.


Dylana Ann said…
Love the fabric! :-)
Isn't that cute? I only have a couple of grandma fabric so I like using it when I can. :)

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