$5 Dollar Tree Challenge

So yesterday I walked into a Dollar Tree with $5 and a mission:  find some decent makeup.  Here's how I did. (BTW, I'm using my grandmother's embroidery for the background.)

 I found these eyeshadows!  Look at those cool looking L.A. Colors shades!  I like the speckling, and I'm guessing they help the eyeshadow with effects.  I've heard of these before, and they had a few different shades so I tried to pick one that has colors for different seasons.  Then I found the NYC eyeshadow, and I got excited.  I've been looking for a good dark green/orangey-brown type combo, and this was it.  I already have a couple of NYC shadows and I like them so this was a good find.

Next I found an L.A. Colors compact for my purse, a must have!  Then I found a Milani lip liner.  They only had two colors, #10 which was kind of brown, and the #7 which is burgundy and the one I purchased.  It should go good with several of my lips colors, so I can't wait to try that out.  Lastly, I grabbed this small Nivea Creme, perfect for my purse.  It's really creamy and thick.  Good stuff.

It's always nice to find some bargain makeup to add to your collection.  Try out the $5 challenge and let me know how you did! 


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