As Promised, Beauty Bin #1!

 Here's beauty bin #1.  Sorry I didn't adjust the direction on it, but you still get a good view.
 These are my alba Bontanica products.  The cleansing wipes are fantastic!  They have pineapple enzyme, which can eat skin, so it's actually great for deep cleaning and removing dead skin.  I use them often, but you cannot use them on your eyes.  Great for days when I need to clean in a rush.  I also have their oil free moisturizer which I apply generously after a shower.  (I use a shower facial cleanser, but that's in beauty bin #3 so stay tuned for that.)  I tend to have the oily T-zone so I like using oil free or low oil moisturizers.
 Burt's Bees cucumber & sage facial wipes.  I love these, they remove makeup well and I can use them on my eyes.  They also clean a bit deeply, and feel very refreshing.  I use them sometimes after a hike or any other exercise just to freshen up.
 Feet and hand care.  There's my nail kit by Revlon (love and use a lot), and then my foot care trio:  clippers with a good grip cover, a must have, the Dr. Scholl's pedi egg which is great for getting callouses off the foot (a problem I've had since my manual labor job days), and after using the pedi egg I put on this cracked heel & hands salve.  It works beautifully.  I tend to soak my feet in epsom salt for awhile before I do the foot routine.
 My tweezer duo, what woman can be without tweezers?!  Then I have eye drops for tired mornings, a sample body wash I got with some shampoo, and then my deodorant.  I know some people look down on Suave, but their deodorant works great, and their hair care line has come a loooong way.
Pretty nail stuff!  Here are a some of my nail polishes, a top coat (opaque one), and, of course, polish remover.

So, that's the contents of beauty bin #1.  I will be doing beauty bin #2 tomorrow, so check back!  #beauty #beautybin #funstuff


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