Amope Review

The other day I showed you all my drugstore haul, and what a great thing it was!  If you didn't read it, check it out here.  Anyway, the last item I showed was the Amope Pedi Perfect and I said that I would give it a review after I used it.  Well, I've used it (every day!) and here's my review.

The Amope Pedi Perfect foot buffer is, I am just going to say it, a godsend for anyone with horrible feet!  Cracked, scaly, rough, and calloused feet?  Not anymore!  Many years ago, in another life, I worked in a packing plant (yuck) and wearing those god-awful boots did a number to my heels that I've never been able to correct.  I've tried every remedy under the sun, spending many dollars in the process, trying to make my heels not look so hideous.  I had really just resigned myself to a monthly pedicure and the Dr. Scholl's pedi egg/feet balm routine in-between, but it's so much work and never looks that great anyway.   It's essentially ready to go, you open the package, which has an easy open piece on the back, and use it.  It takes 4 AA batteries, which were included and loaded.  I have rechargeable batteries that I will use hereafter.  The rotating buffer head is similar to sandpaper and it just sloughs off all the crap.  I've used it three days in a row, and will keep using it until the callouses have receded (I thought of doing before and after photos, but no one needs a scare this early in the morning!).  You can purchase their foot cream (I didn't because I wanted to see how well the product worked first) and there are head replacements for when it gets too caked with dead skin to work properly.  The Pedi Perfect will set you back $50 while the foot cream is $10.  Replacement heads are $20.  In my honest opinion, this is a bargain!  If you have horrible feet like me, use this product!  Easy to use, works great...worth every penny!


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