Beauty Bin #2

 The bin itself.  I took out the large powder so you can get a better look at it.  (The large powder is included at the end, so don't worry.)

 This is a collection of samples I got from a job I worked at a few years ago.  One of our neighbors was a whole body beauty place, and one day they came around to distribute these.  Score!  The top three are perfumes that I haven't used yet, and the others are a variety of skin care products.

 These should actually be in my nail collection, and now that this post is up I've put them there.  There's the Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream, love it!  After I trim my cuticles, it feels good to put that on.  The other item is Mary Kay's Satin Hands.  You put some on your dry hands, rub it in really well, and rinse.  There was originally a hand lotion and a night emollient hand salve included as part of the set, but I've long used those up!

 These are a variety of facial moisturizers.  The large white container is a homemade one from a dear friend who makes an all-natural, organic moisturizer.  It's wonderful, and works well without being oily (pesky T-zone for me).  It's my last container so I'll have to hit her up for more.  This one, and the alba one I showed you yesterday, are my favorites.  The smaller containers are samples I received as well.  I'm not as fond of them as they are oilier, but I keep them because I might need them.

 The small white container is colloidal silver salve (an antibiotic cream), and the other is triple antibiotic.  Must haves for a variety of uses.

 These are more of the aforementioned samples:  firming and anti-aging creams.  I haven't used these yet either because I haven't felt like I needed to.  I recently decided (ok, yesterday) that at my age, I should go ahead and try them out!

Last, but not least, is the Elizabeth Taylor Passion body powder I received as a birthday present from my son several years ago.  (Aww!)  It smells great and is a good body powder if you ever need one.  I barely have any left so I'm loathe to use the last bit as it was from my kiddo.

Ok, so that was beauty bin #2.  This project got started because I bought myself some better organization for all my beauty products and makeup!  I'll show you that stuff as well, but tomorrow will conclude with beauty bin #3!  #beauty #beautybins


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