Trip to Seattle: Part Two

It might have taken four months, but damnit, I did it. I finally edited the rest of my photos and have prepared the second part of my trip to Seattle. Mind you, I took the trip back in September of last year but better late than never, right? There are a TON of photos in this post but I wasn't going to make a third post so I'll keep my commentary to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking. Let's go.

After we wandered around Pike's Market, we headed over to the Bainbridge Island Ferry to visit Bainbridge Island

The ferry is huge, carrying both passengers and cars. On the passenger floor, there is plenty of seating as well as a dining station - which wasn't open on our trip.

As the ferry left Seattle, I took the opportunity to head to the stern of the boat to get a fantastic view of the city.

We sat at several different places on the ferry, trying to take in all the views from Puget Sound.

Although it was brisk on the deck, I went out for a little bit. While the destination was the island, taking the ferry was a cool experience within itself.

Looking out from the second story on the bow.

The ferry lands close to the main strip of Bainbridge Island.

Our first stop on the island was the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

While not as large as any major museum, it was more impressive than any other small museum I've been to.

After the museum, we headed farther down the main strip and happened upon Fletcher Bay Winery so, of course, we had to stop.

If I remember correctly (hey, it's been five months since the trip) I got the Blackberry/Raspberry fruit wine.

We made it to the main area of Winslow Way, which is the main strip closest to the Sound. The whole area reminded me of other touristy main streets, like Estes Park, CO, so I didn't take any pictures. Although, like Mackinac Island in the UP of Michigan, they also had their "World Famous Fudge" so I tried some. We moved closer to the Sound where the whole area is a park - Eagle Waterfront Park.

There's not much to it beyond some trails that follow along the shoreline, which we followed back to the Tacoma Ferry.

Back in Seattle.

Where I found a battered and discarded copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album. Sacrilege!

The Space Needle was literally right outside our hotel window. With such limited time in Seattle, though, I didn't make it a point to visit - especially since it's a bit expensive.

Pike's Market, the Ferry, and Bainbridge Island were on my list of things to do while in the city, so our last day in Seattle, we did the things my friend Lisa wanted to do. Her first pick? The Seattle Aquarium.

Anenomes we could touch, which I did.

Big jellyfish.

I was excited to see seals, which you see from below...

...or above.

Small jellyfish.

I have to admit, I thought the Aquarium was a letdown. It costs $35 to get in and wasn't nearly as big nor had the variety of marine life I would have expected. The aquarium in the Omaha Zoo is just as big, has more in it, and costs the same...with the added bonus of being able to see the rest of the zoo as well.  Lisa enjoyed it though and that's what mattered most.

As we wandered back towards the Market area from the Aquarium, we came across Old Stove Brewing Co. and I couldn't leave Seattle without trying some of their local brews.

I got a flight and enjoyed the views. The entire wall to my right here looks out over Puget Sound and opens up to the outside. It was warm enough outside for them to do so.

After filling up on beer, we hopped on the bus to Lisa's second pick, Washington Park. It's similar to Washington Park in Portland, which I went to in 2018, so it must be a PNW thing.

Stumbled upon this cool totem pole.

I read about it here.

Close up.

Goodbye Seattle, thanks for the memories!

I hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one. I'm off for an overnight adventure that will include me working on the Iowa Wine and Beer Passports. I'll make sure to let you know how that goes.



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