A Winter's Reprieve

Winter has truly been upon us over the past month. With some of the coldest temps on record and plenty of snow mixed with occasional ice, it's not been the most agreeable weather to get out and about in. It's been nice in some ways, as it's afforded me a chance to get caught up on work and things around the house. The last week or so, however, I'm starting to feel a bit of cabin fever, so when the temperature climbed up to nearly 50 degrees F the other day, I knew I had to get out. I ran a few errands and then drove around with my camera.

In one of the most northern parts of my city, there's a road that leads from one of the main streets to a quiet, residential neighborhood. It stands out in particular for its tree-covered road. While it will look gorgeous and full by the beginning of Summer, it looks beautiful now.

Here's a shot of the same road, but coming from the other direction.

I drove farther north, out of the city, and into the Ponca Hills. Here you can see a pond nestled in a valley. The skies were so clear that I could literally see for miles. The Sun was warm on my face, and the air was calm, making for a peaceful, serene moment.

Here's a random shot I took from an intersection. It's interesting because the plane trails in the upper left-hand corner align perfectly with the stop lights, and you can see the massive radio towers that dominate the sky in this part of the city.

It felt good for my mental health to be out and about outside again. It reminds me of how I really need to start purchasing heavy gear for Winter hiking. I think I will make that a goal for this year. If I purchase everything piece by piece, I should have it all by next Winter.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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