Last Teaser from The Box

Good morning! Well, the weekend is finally here, so what better way to get things rolling than with a book teaser? Actually, this is the last book teaser I'm putting up before The Box is finished. Yep, that's right: this means that my book is almost complete! I anticipate two weeks plus editing time, so roughly three weeks. I've learned from past mistakes to be patient and cautious while editing, so I'm going to give myself more than a day or two to complete that process.

Cover for my 5th book, The Box

So, without further ado, I present, The Last Teaser:

The moon, even obstructed by the trees, shone down well enough over the neighborhood for Heidi to see fairly well, even from a distance. She saw a flash of gray as it moved behind a large tree in the neighbor’s yard. She moved closer to the front gate, trying to see exactly what it was.
            Her instincts told her to pay attention to her peripheral vision, because thoughts of the shadows came to mind. While she saw nothing there, as she hadn’t the whole time she had been at Rebecca’s house, she saw movement from the next house again in her fore vision. She concentrated all her energy in that direction, a sinking feeling in her gut. Scanning the neighbor’s yard, what she saw next to the side of their house caught her breath.
            Standing there, the mild breeze blowing it’s gray robe around, was a shadow. While it was similar in appearance to the ones she could never get a full glimpse of, this one was larger and more menacing. A hood covered it’s head, and the space where it’s face was was black as night. Even so, she could tell it was staring straight at her. Startled, she moved a few steps back, but the creature remained motionless.
            The phone in her pocket buzzed to life, making her jump. She kept a watchful eye on the hooded figure as she took the phone from her pocket and answered it. “Hello?”
            “Heidi, it’s Sam,” announced the familiar voice of her cousin.
            Surprised, she asked, “Sam? For real?”
            “Yeah,” he answered. “Look, I just saw one of those fucking shadow things in my apartment.”
            Her eyes grew wider, “Oh yeah?”
            “Yes, and get this, I could actually see it standing right in front of me!”
            “Oh my god.”
            “Right? What’s more, it was bigger than those shadows in my peripheral vision.”
            “Is it still there?”
            “No, it just vanished in front of my eyes.”
            “How long ago?”
            “Not more than five minutes ago. I’m still shitting bricks, Heidi, and my hands are shaking.”
            “Um, I’m not sure if it’s the same one, but I’m staring at the exact same thing right now.” The shadow hadn’t moved one bit, and Heidi almost wondered if it was real or not.


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