Ipsy's February Glam Bag

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I'm on my second cup of coffee on this lazy Saturday morning, and I'm sitting here getting some writing in before the day really gets going. It was 75 degrees yesterday, and will be just as nice today. This means that we can start working on cleaning out the garage and get the back yard ready for Spring. Since we live in a small house, having outdoor space to sit in--in our case the front porch and backyard patio--helps us to feel less crowded during the warmer months. It also helps our plain-Jane house feel a bit more bungalow-ish and cute. 

Anyway, I got my February Ipsy Glam Bag this week, and it's cute. Of course, I've really liked nearly all of them, so it's what I've come to expect from Ipsy. So, let's dive in then, huh?

Here is the bag and the card that comes with it. This month's theme is about our girlfriends and how much we love them. That little denim bag is sooo cute! And it's accented in orange, which just happens to be my favorite color.

Here are the five items that came inside.

First up is Luxie's Blush Brush. I only have one real blush brush, and this one is better. I wear different colors too, so this will more than come in handy. Who doesn't love makeup brushes? I have a ton, and it reminds me that I really need to wash mine. I'll have to make a post about washing brushes one of these days.

Another Trust Fund Beauty item. This one is the second fingernail polish I've received from them, this one in the color Latte. If that doesn't tip you off, I can tell you that it's a deep brown color, but not dirt brown. It's more of a light coffee color, hence the Latte name.

This is Rosehip Cleanser by Indie Lee. It's a facial cleanser, and I love trying new facial cleaners. This is a small, trial size, so will end up in a travel bag next time I scoot out of town.

This is Nyx's butter brand lipstick in the color Ripe Berry. I love the deeper colors in this month's pallette. It will a nice color scheme for the end of Winter, although I use whatever colors strike my fancy. Who needs to limit themselves? I wear darker colors in the evening, typically. This one will be great for date night. 

Last, but not least, is a Hikari eyeshadow in the color Latte (again!). It's a coffee color, like it alludes to, but it also reminds me of copper. One of my favorite eyeshadow colors was a brown Hikari shadow I received about a year ago in Ipsy. This one will go perfect with the other one. Add in a cream color and I'll have the perfect eyecolor trio!

There you have it, another month's worth of Ipsy. I'm off to work on The Box and then some yard work before heading out to the woods today. I'll share my adventures with you this coming week.

Until Monday,



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