A Midwestern Saturday

I have to admit, there's nothing like Midwestern weather. Not only do we run the gamut of weather (90 below F windchill factors in Winter and 100 degrees F in Summer), but we have wildly fluctuating weather on any given week. For instance, this last week. On Wednesday we woke up to a few inches of snow. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but it was so sloppy and slick that people were getting stuck everywhere, and most of us were late to work...some by as much as two hours. By Friday, the temperature had soared to 63 degrees F. The snow had all melted and the weather was gorgeous enough for shorts and t-shirts. 

This weather held out through the weekend, although not as warm on Sunday. Saturday, we knew we needed to get outside, and a friend of mine mentioned that there were flocks of geese on the western end of Lake Manawa over in Council Bluffs. I grabbed my camera and off we drove across the river into Iowa. Not only did we find geese, but other birds as well. The scenery was lovely too, making for some great photos.

I'm no bird person, but I think these are a type of gull. 

Some of the geese that brought us to Lake Manawa. 

This was one of two bald eagles we saw out on the lake. It was quite a ways out (thank goodness for zoom), and with all the other wildlife out enjoying the weather, I can only imagine that it was waiting for a food opportunity.

The early evening sky looking gorgeous. The Sun was just peeking out from some clouds, providing me with a good photo op.

Another beautiful shot.

A view out into the lake and it's clear demarcation. On the right is where the ice from the cold weather is clinging to existence, while on the left is the melted lake from the warm temperatures. The sound of the two as they crashed against each other was akin to the muffled sound of light, thin glass breaking.

The water near the shoreline was mostly melted away in certain areas, including this one. You can see the rippling waves, a reflection of trees, and the numerous rocks & stones that help compose the shore.

I hope you have a great Monday, and that you have a pleasant week. I hope you enjoyed the teaser I put up on Friday for The Box, as well. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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