Monday Edition #2

Yesterday was my Monday, and the weather was absolutely perfect again. This means, of course, that I took a hike out in the woods somewhere. This week it was Schramm State Park, technically located in Gretna, NE. It was originally established in 1882 as a fish hatchery, and, to this day, the Hatch House still stands although it is now a small museum. (You'll see the Hatch House in some of these pictures as the red building near the ponds.) Also onsite at this state park are hiking trails, a rock edifice suitable for climbing, picnic areas, a recently renovated playground, and the Ak-Sar-Ben aquarium that is free of charge to peruse. The fish in their tanks are of the native variety, and it's neat to wander through there on a lazy day. 

A view of the forest from one of the lean-to shelters in the park. There is a grouping of two that surround a couple of benches around a fire pit. 

A garter snake that I came across on the trail. I nearly stepped on him, and when I stopped in time he high-tailed it out to the safety of the forest.

Me, taking a water break.

After coming out of the top end of the trail and going down the hill, one can take a detour down these steps. They lead to the old hatchery fish ponds that still contain a variety of fish.

A view down the boardwalk that lines the hatch ponds and leads down to the Hatch House.

Another pretty shot of the Hatch House.

A view of the hatch ponds. See that coi swimming? 

I was taking a picture of my reflection in the water when I inadvertently captured a picture of a swimming snake as well. He wasn't moving very fast though, so he was probably a bit on the cold side. Still, it was cool to get a picture of it...even if accidentally.

A view on the ponds from the other direction. It's gorgeous.

So, that was my Monday, my day. Have a fantastic Tuesday!



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