Dreams and Being Inspired

This post is going to be part musing and part announcement. As you all know, I've been working on my fourth book called "The Box". As is the case with every book I've written, the beginning and the ending go rather quickly, but the middle always drags as I get the "meat" of the developed. I'm used to this and it's not a big deal. I've noticed with this book though, that I'm just not currently feeling inspired, but I keep plugging away on it though albeit very slow.

I have been, however, feeling inspired lately to write a different kind of story all together. One that is gritty, sexy, and, at times, violent. This is the kind of story I love to read, and have always dreamed of writing. I have dystopian ideas swirling around in my head, beckoning me to put them down on paper...so I am. I have another pen name that has written a couple of terrible, short, cheesy 'smut' books, and using this moniker, I'm going to write my inspired ideas of dystopian tales. 

Does this mean I'm giving up on H.A. Larson? Absolutely not, but I think after I write my dystopian tale, that I can find the inspiration I need to make "The Box" the exact kind of horror story I can be proud of. I'll still be keeping up with all my social media, and I will definitely keep putting up my posts here of all the things I enjoy most in life.

And don't worry, you'll all be kept exclusively in the loop regarding my next phase of writing life.

Upwards to dreams, inspirations, and the future.

All my love, H.A.


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