Weekend Getaway

This past weekend was the first weekend in a few months where I didn't work any overtime hours at all. My husband had a scheduled PTO weekend as well, so we decided back in January to secure a cabin for this past weekend. Between all the hours worked and not seeing the kids as much as we'd like (or each other) we had a fantastic time out in the woods. We relaxed, made a big meal, hiked, played lots of games, and plenty of fire was involved. It was a great weekend, where I didn't work in any capacity, and I feel like my batteries have been reset.

We got a cabin with a fireplace and ordered plenty of wood. The first night, we had a heck of time getting a bonfire going (we didn't have any flammable liquid and the wind was too strong) so we decided we should just stick with a fire in the fireplace. 

Besides UNO, Skipbo, and Phase 10, we played Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers. The nerd in us loved it, and we played it a few times. I lost...very badly. :)

So, everytime I try to take a picture of the moon when I'm outside, this is what it usually looks like. The moon did look fantastic this night, so I decided to post my picture of it anyway.

On the second day, we went into the nearest town to get a couple of items, including lighter fluid. Nothing was stopping us from making a big bonfire before we left! Besides, I brought s'mores things.

We got this huge ball when we were in town, and we all had fun throwing it around...outside and inside. 

Because you can never have enough fire when you're out at a cabin, I brought plenty of candles.

So that was my weekend, and it was awesome. I feel pretty renewed and have some great ideas going forward with my writing. I've given up a few other things in my life and so my main focus now will be on my author career. Have a great day, and watch for another teaser coming soon from The Box!


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