Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I know for some people this means roses, chocolate candies, red stuffed animals holding hearts that say "I love you," and romance. For a few others, it just might involve candles and hot tubs, but I digress. I've never been big into Valentine's Day, and I eschew the traditional gifts that I've mentioned because I find the whole thing to be cheesy. lol Sorry, but this lady would prefer a beer, some alone time with her man, and some peace and quiet. That, to me, would be the ultimate way to celebrate a holiday centered around love. 

However you like to celebrate this day, I hope you get what you expected, or least got something nice, from the person you like most. For all you single people, don't let a holiday centered around love get you down. There are plenty of ways that you can celebrate this's Sunday after all. Sleep in, drink coffee in bed, and hang out in your pajamas all day eating junk food. It's what I would do.

Have a great one! I'll be back to my regular antics this week.



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