It is definitely feeling like Spring outside. It's a sunny Saturday, the temperature is in the mid-60s, and the air smells fresh. I love Spring and the feeling of newness it brings with it. Indeed, Spring has been the harbringer of renewal for time immemorium. Not only does it herald the end of Winter and bring the weather necessary for the crops of the summer, it also brings with it an emotional sense of renewal. Those who have been cooped up all Winter are more than ready to let in some fresh air, get outside once more for play, and feel the warm rays of sun on their face. 

I know for me, this really is a time of renewal. Last year was quite the year, filled with good and bad of varying degrees, and when this year dawned, it was with the promise of a new beginning. Now that the air is fresher, the weather warmer, and Spring is on the horizon, I am beginning to feel renewed. 

I'm ready to embrace my future anew and go forward bigger and better. I'm excited about the prospect of my writing career and how it knows no boundaries. I'm also fortunate in that I have complete and total creative control over every aspect of my work. It's a great feeling and fills me with a renewed sense of vigor. After this long winter where I went through so much, worked so many extra hours, and waited through the cold, bitter wind, I'm ready for everything.

I've given up editorial writing for the local magazine, and I'm done doing peer book reviews for awhile as well. There might be an end in sight to all the extra hours at work, so I'm ready to get The Box finished and start working towards a full-time writing career doing many freelance works that keep me in charge of my own destiny.

It's a gorgeous day, and I hope you're out there (or will be soon) enjoying it to the fullest. Embrace the Sun today my friends.



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