Favorite Things - #1

Ever since December, I've been a very busy lady. I've been working a lot of overtime (that's the norm for everyone who works where I do, so kudos to all of us!), doing freelance writing, active in peer reviews, and writing my fourth book. With all this busy work, whatever time I have had left in my days has been spent taking care of things around the house, and spending time with my family. 

I decided to give up the monthly editorial I've been doing for over two years, as well as taking an extended break from the peer reviews. I need to focus on my household and my books for now as I'm eyeing freelancing as a real possibility. 

I know my postings here have been a bit more scattered, and those are the reasons why. Anyway, I still have plenty of things to share, and here is a new series I'm starting called "Favorite Things."

I admit it, I tend to do my nails on the fly. It's just the way it goes. For that reason, I always try and find nail polishes that don't need a lot of coats, and that dry quickly...a tall order I know! I was in the drugstore the other day, perusing the makeup aisle, when I ran across some Sally Hansen polish I had never seen before: Insta-Dri. It claims to dry in 60 seconds, and I was instantly intrigued, so I grabbed two of the colors: Cinna-snap, and Navy Fleet. Navy Fleet was put on that evening, and I have to tell you...this stuff is amazing! 

Last night, I put on the Cinna-snap, and as you can see from the photo, that was one coat. So score one for Insta-Dri as you only need one coat (Navy Fleet was just as perfect). Now, maybe if you held your hands under a fan would the polish completely dry in 60 seconds, but as it stands, I had to wait about 5 minutes. Still, 5 minutes is nothing in nail polish land and it works perfect for people doing their nails on the fly like me. 

Final verdict? This stuff is great and I recommend it. I'm definitely going to grab some more colors of these! 


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