An Industrious Time

A lovely photo I took of Lake Michigan

 The last couple of weeks have been busy, to say the least, but also productive and wonderful. My best friend, Keith, and I had a whirlwind trip over a long weekend and I spent the last week and a half getting ready, working a bunch of hours before leaving, and taking the actual trip itself. We arrived back home late Monday night, and while I had Tuesday off from both jobs as well, I had so much to do! There was unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, food prep for the week (because I was off from both jobs for four + one days, I have to work all the hours the rest of the week), house cleaning, bill paying, and other errands that had to get done before I launched into a busy week. 

It was all well worth it though as my trip was simply incredible. It was fun, relaxing, engaging, interesting, and I got to do so many things packed into a short span of time. You'd think after such a busy schedule over the past few weeks that I would be exhausted, but I'm not. I'm in a good place both mentally and physically so it's easy to be busy. However, it doesn't leave as much time for blogging, and that's okay. I wanted to start the first of my vacation posts yesterday, but with so much going on, it was just impossible. 

I have tons of photos to go through, but the one above is a taste of what I have. I'll publish my first post about the trip next week, while Sunday I'll be posting my annual Shocktober! as well as my latest newsletter. I'll be including the latest installment from my short story, Into the Shadows, in the latter so if you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, now is a perfect time! 

Until then, have a great rest of your week.



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