Fall Hiking has Returned!

In my opinion, there's no better season to hike than in the Fall. It's with happiness and excitement, then, to see the foliage starting to change lately on my hiking outings. Maybe it's because of this that I've been honing my amateur photography skills, or maybe in spite of it, but either way, it's been cool seeing those skills develop.

The changing of the seasons is on full display here and it's gorgeous.

I love early Fall mornings where Summer's presence is still visible, but the leaves are falling, the air is cooler, and the sun peeks through the thinning tree line.

I've really begun to put effort into figuring out perspective. How you shoot the scene, and from where makes a huge difference. I love how this one turned out.

Half of the wildflowers are dying off while the other half still have some life left.

This is not only my favorite shot from this day but one of my favorite shots period. Not only is the perspective perfect and the colors radiant, but I captured this insect as it was flying towards the flower. I'm guessing it's a dragonfly, but I can't tell for sure. Be sure to comment if you know!

It's wonderful to be outside at any time, but even more so during my favorite season. I'll be soaking in as much as I can before Winter comes. How about you?

Make sure to check back here on Saturday, it's Shocktober! after all.  



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