Portland Vacation: Plant-Based Deliciousness

Random picture of some delicious food.

It's been over four months since my yearly trip out to Portland, and I realized that I hadn't made my last vacation post. Crazy, right? Well, I did finally remember it and I can't not post it, even if it's late. Anyway, while I do tend to get groceries and eat at the places I stay when I travel, I do like to eat out a few times to experience some local cuisine. Being a plant-based eater can be a challenge in some places, but in a city such as Portland, your options are nearly endless. Because of this, I make sure to try out new places each time I go - places I carefully search for before I even leave home!

I arrived in Portland late on a Saturday afternoon, so after we dropped off my stuff at my bestie's house, we went in search of food. Since she doesn't live far from Off the Griddle, we hoofed it over there to get a beer and some food. I ordered the Soy Curl Lettuce Wraps and a Tecate to wash it all down. It was delicious.

Of course, every time I'm in a different place and I'm eating out for the first time, I tend to order more than one item. In addition to the lettuce wraps, I ordered their BBQ Wings. Made with seitan and jackfruit, and molded around bamboo "bones", these wings were not only amazingly delicious, but they were the most authentic vegan wings I've ever had.

On Sunday I cooked a big meal at Lisa's, but on Monday, while she was working, I went out and explored the city solo. I already knew before I left home that I would go to Vtopia for lunch on that day, and I did. Vtopia specializes in vegan cheese and I'm always on the lookout for authentic, tasty vegan cheese. After a two-mile walk to get there, I was ready to eat and happily ordered a cheese plate with three cheeses. Beside the olives, dolma, blueberries, crackers, and bread, I ordered (from left to right) the House Chevre, the Sriracha Cheddar, and the Smokey Whiskey Cheddar. They had some of the most authentic-tasting vegan cheese I've ever had.

Since Monday was my last night in town before my flight left early the next morning, I walked over to Lisa's job in time for her to get off work. We walked over to the White Owl Social Club to get dinner one last time before my journey back home. Now, this was one place I had been to before as this was the first place we went when I was there the year before. That time, I had the Impossible Burger for the first time. I digress though, as it's time to talk about what I got this time: BBQ Cauliflower wings. Man, they were soooo good and served with a side of homemade vegan ranch. As is usual here, I get a drink and the pickle shot. Yum.

Lisa also got the wings, but hers were teriyaki-flavored. We had a bit of each other's to try them out. They were just as delicious, I'm happy to report.

That's my final post from my yearly trip to Portland, late as it is. Even if you're not a plant-based eater, all of this food is delicious and worth trying. So, if you're ever in Portland, consider checking these places out!


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