A Plot Twist

Back in December, I did a cover reveal for my new book, Buried. While I still have every intention of finishing that book, it has taken a backseat to a different project. It isn't a new project...but it is. See, the whole time that I've been writing books, I've also been slowly but surely writing a collection of short stories. 

There are two reasons I write short stories: story ideas and thoughts of publication. Basically, I constantly have a stream of thoughts and ideas for stories and plots. Some of them can be told in less words than others, so my collection of short stories became a thing. I always figured that I'd submit them, after some polishing of course, to various magazines to see if I could get some published - something I've never actually done.

Not long ago, I was going through my writing files and noticed just how many short stories I had in various stages of completion. I thought about how I had dreams of getting them published, but realized that that might not be a reality. Getting short stories published in a competitive market is difficult. Not impossible, mind you, just difficult.

Instead, a new idea began to take shape in my thoughts: what if I published them as a compilation book? The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a killer idea. So, I've been steadily working on them, and thoroughly enjoying it. I've even begun to release one as a series in my monthly newsletters, so if you'd like a sneak peak, sign up for that.

This compilation book is exactly what I needed to spark that burning desire to write again, something that wasn't fully there as I worked through deep personal struggles. Now that I've regained my foothold in life, my writer's drive is back. I mean, really back. 

As is my M.O., these short stories are all of the spooky and horror variety. I've even made the cover - of course - so there's no need to wait to reveal it. Take a look:

I hope you're ready to consume this book and the darkness contained within.

Have a great week!



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