Latest Libations: Special Homebrew Edition

When you think of homebrewing, you probably imagine barrels of homemade lager (or some other kind of beer) fermenting away in someone's basement. Well, I'm here to tell you that there are other kinds of homebrews that one can make...not to mention easier. It's this last part that always gets my attention. I like making things, but I need them to be simple to make and require little in the way of prep time.

This is where my homemade schnapps comes in. As a Swede by heritage, I feel that it is my duty to make schnapps. I've been making schnapps for many years, and, in fact, one of my first posts here on my website (almost exactly seven years ago!) was about my homemade Mulberry-Mint schnapps. Over the years, I've gotten more sophisticated with my schnapps-making, and I'll typically make more than one flavor.

This summer's schnapps - pictured above - are as follows: 

1. Bloody Mary infusion. While not technically schnapps, it is infused in a similar fashion minus the sweetness.

2. Blackberry-Mint-Agave

3. Cherry-Lemon-Honey 

While I've already had one each of the latter two - and hence why I make more than one jar of each flavor - the others will be served at my annual potluck bbq.

I was watching some videos on YouTube this spring when I came across a Russian drink called Kvass. Similar to a light beer, this easy-to-make brew is made using hearty, dark rye bread. It only requires four ingredients and a couple of days from beginning to end to create, so I knew I HAD to try it. This batch was my second attempt at making Kvass, and while I haven't gotten it right just yet, mark my words....I will! 

Easy to make booze is my favorite kind to make. Why? Well...

* They require few ingredients
* The ingredients they require are easily found in virtually any grocery store
* The ingredients aren't expensive
* They don't require much prep time
* They require little to no effort on your part after the ingredients have been put together

So, if you have a hankering to make your own booze, try one of these kinds out. You can easily find recipes for them online, and you can click on my link above for a schnapps one. 

Have a great weekend.


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