A Little Rain

The weather has been relatively nice for the past month, so I've been walking to and from work everyday. It not only gives me a chance to get some exercise on a daily basis, but it also gives me time to think. When I walked out of my front door the other day, I could tell that it had rained, and the air was humid and cool. I walked and I thought. I'm suffering from a case of the blues, and it only seems fitting that it rained.

In every life, a little rain must fall, but it's not the actual kind that gets your hair and clothes wet. It's the metaphorical kind that clouds up the sunshine and leaves you staring at the ground. At a time in my life when things do, and should, look up, I feel sad to the core. Why? Some of it is seasonal and some of it is hormones, but the largest part of it is the relationship I have with someone close to me. No matter how hard I try to keep the connection between us going, the harder, it seems, they're trying to tear it down.

I've had to cut ties with a few people in my life over the years, and it's never easy. When you connect with someone, you invest in someone, and it's hard to realize that all the time you've invested in that person has come to naught. Some people, you ride it out longer than others, hoping beyond hope that things will improve. The truth, however, is that sometimes...things are the way they are and they will never change.

So, you walk in the rain of life - whether real or metaphorical - and you contemplate what you need to do. Muddled up with that contemplation are feelings of sadness, anger, and relief. It's a mixed bag of emotions that isn't easy to deal with and leaves you with a varying degree of emptiness. Emptiness that only comes from the loss of a relationship with someone close to you. Keep walking my friends: no matter how much it rains, the Sun has to come out eventually.


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