Sunday Exploring

Good morning! I'm back with another post. Incidentally, I've been pondering working on "The Box" again. I just can't stay away from anything that I'm writing. I'm working on two books, and two short stories, and while I take breaks from each of them, I never truly leave them. Weird, huh? Oh, the life of a writer.

This last weekend was a truly wonderful one. I wish it could've lasted a lot longer, but we all know how that goes! Anyway, we drove down to Kansas City on Friday night so we could attend the Renaissance Festival on Saturday (squeee! you all know how much I love my Ren Faires!). My husband forgot to pack our luggage, which was traumatic for a minute, but since we were only gone one wasn't a big deal. We grabbed some clearance clothes from a store to wear to bed, I washed our underwear in the sink, and I always carry toiletries in the car in case of an emergency. Go me! Despite the luggage mishap, we had a great time at the Festival.

Sunday, the menfolk went to work while us ladies relaxed all morning. We then picked up the house and decided to hit the woods. Hummel Park sits in the northeast corner of Omaha, and I've only hiked it a couple of times. One time was more like a walk, and the other I went a few miles, but I have never truly explored the park. Nature Girl and I took our time to explore all the different off-paths and interesting trails. We saw so many cool things, and collected fallen leaves that are turning colors. We decided to make a nature scrap book out of things we collect on our nature hikes, so we stopped at the Dollar Tree on our way home where I spent $6 on supplies to make a cool scrapbook (another post for the future!)

We had so much fun, and really enjoyed our time together. Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

 This trail was hidden, just out of sight, from the main path. I've walked the main path before and had never seen this trail. It was a bit of challenge getting down actually, but the rope there made us able to kind of scale it.

These fungi were growing on the little bridge in the previous picture. There are many of them, and they are embedded in the wood.

A fallen log, fit for a faerie home.

A portion of the main trail as sunlight streams in through the trees.

One of the many leaves we collected for our scrapbook.

More fungi from the bridge, but this one was different from the others. How interesting is that?

Another off-trail we explored took us over the creek that runs through the park.

Some man-made log stairs in a nook of the park. Great for explorin'!


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