I Never Really Left

Good morning! It's Friday, and it seems like as good a time as any to let you all know that I've started working on "The Box" again. "Why?" you ask. Well, I hadn't been planning on it (as I've been working on a different project entirely), but it just happened. I was sitting in my living room recently, when my brain kicked into high gear and started hashing out the storyline in "The Box", and I began subconsciously writing the next bits in my head. So, I did what any writer (who writes at their computer) does, and that was to open up my laptop and start writing.

My other project is more involved, and will take some time to write. I suppose that because of this, my writer's brain can become distracted. Okay, so I'm just guessing, because, honestly, every writer is different. There's no one, true way to be a writer, and there's no one, true way to write. We write because we feel compelled to, and however that comes out is how we do it.

"The Box" is more in line with my other books in that it is an entertaining book, while not perfect, is a fun read. It is also not the kind of book that takes a year or two of effort to complete. The other project I'm working on is, and it's been a bit of struggle to make myself accept that. How I've done things with H.A. Larson's books is not how this other project is, so I need to learn to be okay with that. Why wouldn't I be okay with it? Well, I thought I should be churning it out at the same speed with which I've written my other books, and it's just not the case. Sometimes you have to remember that not everything works in the same manner...not even your mind.

Taking a step away from "The Box" for awhile has been good for me. I can now look at it with fresh eyes, and I feel positive about it's direction again. I can't wait to finish it! In the meantime, I'll be here giving you the great posts you all love. Coming up this weekend, new ipsy!

Have the greatest of Fridays!

Much love,



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