Weekend Haul

It's been awhile since I've bought myself anything splurgy. Last winter I got myself some clothes, and over spring/summer I got myself an item of clothing here or there, but I hadn't really gone out and just bought myself some things. This weekend, I decided that I would.

One of my favorite stores carries a nice selection of beauty products that are always earth-friendly. I have been in need of some good face/skin care items and so I got a set of coconut-inspired items by the Everyday company. From left to right: face lotion, body lotion, face toner, face wash, and face scrub. I used the scrub and toner yesterday, and I really like them. I have gotten their shampoo and conditioner before, and they weren't bad, but I think they've improved their line since then.

I have been in dire need of some bras and underwear for so long, that I'm ashamed to say that several had holes in them. Why do we always put those off until we can't wait any longer? I'm not showing you any, but I finally have decent undies. Anyway, last winter when I got myself some clothes, I noticed that Target has a newer line (at least to me) of clothing geared towards bigger women (which I am one of). It's called Ava & Viv, and I just love their clothes. 

If you're a bigger woman too, get in there and check them out. Their prices are good and their clothes are cute & fashionable!  From left to right: I got myself a couple of t-shirts (one camo and one black) and a grey tank to wear under shirts; an emerald green v-neck long-sleeved shirt and rolls up to a button at the sleeves if one prefers; a long purple shirt with frayed sleeves and hem; a long button-down black plaid shirt; and a long-sleeved black and grey-striped cover up sweater. I'm really liking the trend of super-long shirts. I have a large collection of jeggings, and these will all go great with those. Finally, I got a pair of Merona black flats, and a new black purse. 

I'm set for cool weather now!


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