The Long-Awaited Return to Europe

Ever since I traveled to Ireland in 2014, I've been aching to return to Europe. My love affair with the continent began as a child so my visit to the Emerald Isle was a dream come true. I planned to return but didn't think it would take a full decade for that to happen. Alas, it did, but that's not going to stop me from relishing each and every single moment of my return. In October, I'll spend 10 days in (mostly) England, and saying, "I can't wait!" is truly an understatement.

This time, I'm older, wiser, and have made an art form out of credit card churning - a skill that has allowed me to travel for nearly free. Two years ago, I realized that I could build up the points and miles I would need to travel abroad every other year, which means that this is the year to travel abroad. 

So, what made me choose England? Well, I firmly believe, as an English-speaking citizen, that one should start traveling to foreign countries by going to ones that speak the same language. This allows you to learn how to travel internationally without the language barrier. This is precisely why I started with Ireland. But, since it's been a decade since my last trip out of the States, I figured I should start again with another English-speaking country. That, and I have always wanted to go to London.

When I returned from Ireland and started posting about it, I said the following:

When I took this trip, I thought to myself, "This might be your only chance to go to Europe." I might be right, but I hate to think so. I fully intend on seeing as much of the rest of the world as I possibly can one day, and experiencing a bounty of other cultures, foods, people, and history. I'll be back for you day.

I am finally coming back, Europe. See you soon!


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