Enjoying the Finer Things in Life


Wine, Cheese, and Fruit: 1857. John F. Francis, American. On display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

If it weren't evident by the numerous posts about wine and charcuterie that have started to be a major player here over the past few years, I enjoy the finer things in life. Don't be fooled, you'll still find me near the pit at a metal show or throwing down at a redneck party, but as I get older, I'm sliding a bit more into the slower and more refined things in life that I enjoy. 

Delving deep into the wine passports of Nebraska and Iowa has given me a taste for wine outside of the cheap, terrible wines that can be found at any corner gas station or grocery store and mostly drunk by girls in their early twenties who are trying to be posh. My love for cheese has blossomed in the city over the years as I've learned that there's more to life than American cheddar, Colby, and Mozzarella. And, my appreciation for the Blues has ignited a new love for Jazz and a reintroduction to Classical and Theater.

I believe there's a place in life for all of your passions, mine included. There's nothing wrong with enjoying things that fall on different ends of the spectrum. To that end, I have a wine club membership to a local winery. My best friend, Rebecca, and I split the membership to save costs. For this, we get four bottles of local wine at a discount every quarter. The winery has a special event for the quarterly pickups where they provide entertainment, free food, and one free drink. We've done three events now and it's incredibly fun.

Last year, I attended a blues/jazz show at a fancy-ish jazz club downtown (where I saw JoyAnn Parker) and saw the Tina Turner musical at the Orpheum Theater downtown - a place I've always wanted to go to. 

Recently, I started another membership to a local wine merchant here in town. Once a month, I get a carefully curated bottle of wine, a nice cheese, and a small loaf of French bread. As a wine (and cheese) enthusiast, this allows me to expand my palette and learn about wines (and cheeses) that I have sometimes never heard of. 

I've been to the symphony and have eaten at a few fine dining establishments. The only thing I haven't done yet is see an Opera. I'm going to see about getting to a production of one this year.




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