A Postcard Objective


I love postcards, I really, really do. My love of postcards began when I was a young child and my mom would send me postcards from her world travels. My love of the hard, rectangle-shaped cards only strengthened when my dad's cousin sent me a postcard from Hong Kong when I was about 10. Somewhere between Mom and Cousin postcards was when I discovered this thing called "Travel to Europe" and knew instantly that I wanted that to be my life one day. 

While I waited for that day to arrive, it was the coolest thing ever to get one of these postcards in the mail, read the few lines that could be written in such a small space, and imagine what their glamorous lives of travel were like. Since then I've gotten postcards from a variety of people: my Dad from Mt. Rushmore and my bestie, Keith, from his once-in-a-lifetime trip to the South Pole remain two of my later favorites.

Over the years, I've collected plenty of my own - with no intention of ever sending them. I started collecting postcards that were prints of old National Park posters, something I still do to this day. When I went to Ireland I bought several as souvenirs, held on to the ones that would come in my monthly sub box to Louisville Vegan Jerky, and relished in the free one I'd get from each visit to my favorite vegan restaurant in Omaha: Modern Love.

Needless to say, they really built up and eventually were forgotten. They were rediscovered during the pandemic so, between then until I got rid of all the shit junk things I had accumulated over the years before my big move last year, I made a point of sending these postcards out to friends and family (with the exception of the National Park ones). The recipients really enjoyed getting them, much like I do.

Now that I've been getting out and traveling more, I've had a brilliant idea. What if, instead of buying postcards and just stashing them somewhere to be forgotten about, I send one to myself from every place that I travel to? How does that sound?

It sounds damn awesome, if I do say so myself, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't care where it is I find myself...if there's a postcard there, I'm going to mail one to myself and write something witty on it. Or maybe I'll write something cool about what I've done there. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Postcard Objective, engaged.


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