Autumn is Nearly Upon Us

I was out at one of my favorite spots this weekend when I snapped this picture. While the foliage is still quite green, you can see that it's touched with a hint of brown. Soon, the leaves will begin to change, turning into every gorgeous shade of yellow, red, brown, and orange imaginable. The air will become cooler and crisper, encouraging you to put on a sweater or a flannel shirt. Pumpkins will be everywhere, hayrack rides will be taken, and people will prepare for the best holiday of the year: Halloween.

Without a doubt, Autumn is my favorite season. It's beautiful, it's comfortable, and there's lots of fun and outdoor activities that are perfectly suited to this time of the year - like Pumpkin Patches and Renaissance Faires. Sipping some spiked cider over a cozy fire sounds like pure heaven after a long, lazy walk in a dazzling colorful forest. Casserole dishes will be dusted off and soft blankets will be a staple.

As the days get shorter, I will fight to get outdoors before the Sun hits the horizon. This means getting moving earlier on the weekends and making the most of it during the shorter days. Still, I can't wait to just breathe it all in and I sincerely wish Autumn could last all year.

Alas, it is sadly the shortest season. Knowing this, I will soak it all in, drinking every last drop that I can squeeze out of my favorite time of the year. I'm waiting for you, Autumn.

I hope all is well with you. I recently went on a trip to Seattle, a place I've never been. I'll be sharing that, along with the remainder of my trip to the AT, so stay tuned. They will be coming...they will.  



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