Gud Jul to you and yours

Gud Jul, or Good Yule, to you and yours!

I'm a Swede by heritage, 50% to be exact, so I grew up with Swedish traditions that I found fascinating as a child. While that fascination never left me, it did get relegated to the background while I celebrated a more modern version of the holidays. Fast forward to the past few years where I've discovered a new-found interest in my Swedish history, particularly the more pagan traditions.

While I celebrated a more minor Yule this year due to my living arrangements, I'm eagerly looking forward to celebrating a full Yule next year when I'm once again in my own home. There's something magical about a traditional Yule, and if there's anything I enjoy, it's something magical. 

I hope your holidays have been and will continue to be a wondrous experience. After the year we've had, we sure could use it.



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