An Ipsy Surprise and a Giveaway!


I've been putting in some real effort lately to get rid of things and work towards a minimalist lifestyle. While it sounds easy enough, it's actually been more work than I thought - and a few tears have been shed as I part with certain items, but I digress. I had an Ipsy subscription for a good four or five years before I finally canceled it in September of 2019. If you've been following my blog since it's inception, or anytime in the past three years, you'll remember how I made a monthly post showing off my latest bag and it's contents - the last one I posted was in December 2018

All these years, I've kept the bags - as well as many of the contents, unused - although last year I gave away a good sixteen of them to a nice lady who was making feminine supply bags out of them for homeless women. I've also given away a few with some goodies in them as gifts to friends and family. Even with all my gifting of the bags, I still have several of them. A couple of them I use and the rest have been just sitting in my beauty supplies dresser. I came up with this great idea, then, that I should give them out as gifts to my girlfriends for Christmas, and fill them with a lot of the little things I've been keeping for no apparent reason. They're so cute that I'll make a post about them after the holiday season.

So, I was pulling out all my Ipsy bags from the drawer for the gift project when lo and behold, what do I find? Two, still filled with goodies, new Ipsy bags! I couldn't believe it. I had never opened up August 2019 or September 2019, my last two bags. It was a little like Christmas for myself as I opened them up to see what was inside. For old time's sake then, shall we check them out?

I'm a space nerd, something you already know about me, so I absolutely love this bag! It's going to be one of about six that I've elected to keep. At least for now. I'm also going to keep that Obsidian liquid eyeliner because I've probably made the makeup industry a fortune in that commodity over the years!

While I used to talk about each item in my old Ipsy posts, I have to admit that I'm not that nostalgic for doing that again. Ha! Instead, I'd like to give this bag, plus some of these items, and some other Ipsy items that are new, to one lucky person. If you want this bag filled with makeup goodies, and live in the U.S., please comment below with what you're looking forward to most about Fall. I'll pick my favorite comment and announce the winner on my Instagram next week.

Good luck!

**Shocktober starts on Saturday!**


Felicity Frank said…
The pretty leaves!

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