The Trip that Wasn't

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Ever since our trip to South Dakota in July of last year - a trip that saw us hike up Bear Butte and Black Elk Peak - my daughter, Eva, has picked up a love of hiking that nearly rivals my own. She's always been fascinated with nature, but her falling in love with hiking was a dream come true for me.

So, it came to pass that in January of this year, I had this great idea that she and I should take a Mom-Daughter trip. We thought about it for a while and decided to take a long weekend - during her spring break - down to Missouri to catch another high point (Taum Sauk Mountain) and spend some time hiking along the Ozark Trail.

We were looking forward to this trip, and as the time drew closer and closer, we were filled with excitement and anticipation. Then...Covid-19 struck. I had to cancel the trip and the disappointment we felt was palpable. This feeling was heightened when the day we were supposed to leave for our trip came and went.

While we were sad about our trip that wasn't, we talked about it and decided we weren't going to dwell on it. So, we're going to reschedule this trip further down the road - hopefully this Fall. This gives us something to look forward to again, and that is a good feeling.


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