It's Been Eight Years

A picture I took last summer at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park in Missouri.

Eight years ago this month, I started a simple blog on Blogspot to document a lot of the homemaking things I was into at the time. Back then, I was living on the poverty line with a young family, so I spent a lot of time creating things from scratch. I made homemade food, baked goods, cleaning supplies, and booze. Documenting it all through blog posts was a way for me to nurture the creative side in me that didn't have an outlet.

Later that same year, I started to feel this pull to write, so I started posting poems that I wrote. Before the year was out, I had an idea for a book. The next year, 2013, saw me gradually start writing that book and by 2014, I had repurposed this blog into an author blog. More than just an author blog, I was still documenting my life of homemaking, hiking, traveling, and all the other things that I did in my day-to-day existence.

In the six years since this became my author blog, I wrote a total of seven novellas, spent two years writing for a local ladies magazine, and did some fun heavy metal editorials for a local online metal magazine. 

This year, my blog saw yet another big change when I quit being an author (more on that here) and started focusing more on the things this blog had really become about: city life, the Great Outdoors, adventure, and traveling. 

To date, I've published 627 posts here on my blog with dozens more in draft form. Some of my followers have been here since day one, and we've grown together during that time. To my new followers, welcome.

Here's to the next 627!


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