The Return of Winter Hiking

I took this photo this past weekend on a solo hike at Neale Woods. A dusting of snow was on the ground while more snow lightly fell from the sky. The temperature was in the 20s with no wind, and, overall, it was quite lovely. 

I relished the opportunity to hike this morning as it was a welcome return to winter hiking. I love hiking any time of the year, but winter holds its own special place in my heart. The trees are bare, giving me a range of visibility that I can't get in other seasons.

Winter in nature is absolutely beautiful, covering everything in a white, powdery layer.

So lovely and calm.

But, my favorite part of winter hiking? The quiet solitude. Only the die-hards hike in earnest this time of the year, making for a chance to commune with nature in a way that I can't other times of the year. You don't hear animals, you don't hear or see other people (very often), and the snow insulates all other sounds. What you're left with are your thoughts and the sound of your own footsteps as they crunch ever-so-lightly in the snow. Nothing rejuvenates me in quite the same way. 

I recently revealed the cover for my latest book - to be released late Spring or early Summer 2020 - in this post. Also, my latest piece on Helmet is up on the Slime&Grime site, so go check that out!


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