More than a decade ago, we decided as a family that we weren't going to travel for the holidays anymore - Thanksgiving and Christmas - nor would we have company over for said holidays. Why? Well, the last holiday I traveled for was the Thanksgiving before that fateful decision. That holiday ended up being filled with drama and stress, a reoccurring theme that had plagued many a holiday before it. It was a miserable and unhappy experience that I just didn't want to deal with anymore. Why did a holiday, meant to celebrate family and all the other things we're grateful for, feel like the worst experience ever? So, we started celebrating together, in the microcosm, and I've never regretted that decision. Our holidays are cozy, happy, and relaxed. 

Every year, as soon as November starts, I invariably see the numerous social media posts celebrating 30 days of Thankfulness. Practically everyone spends the month letting the whole world know the things they are thankful for. Well, you know what? I'm thankful for everything, all the time. I don't need November to roll around to start being grateful for the good in my life. Nor do I need a holiday to celebrate my family and friends.

Spending time with your family, or any of the people you love and care for doesn't have to be relegated to just the Thanksgiving holiday. If you truly love and care for someone, make time for that person - or people, whatever the case may be - other days of the year. It's not really that hard to do, you just have to make it a priority once in a while. It's something I've learned to do over the past few years. Especially when it comes to my parents. I've taken vacations with my Dad and take plenty of hiking jaunts with him, and it's been a wonderful, reuniting experience. I've also tried my best to spend more time with my Mom and Grandma, although they live in Texas so it's more difficult. I made the trip to Missouri to see them when they went up for a family function, and I'm going to spend some of my Christmas holidays as a girl's trip with Mom and Grandma. 

I don't need a holiday to spend time with any of them, I just need to make the time. I hope, no matter what you did for Thanksgiving, that it was a peaceful time doing exactly what made you happy. 

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