The Nite Owl

One of the gentrified districts in Omaha is the Blackstone District. I've talked about the District at length in this post so I won't go into detail here. What I'd like to share with you today is another great restaurant there: Nite Owl. The Nite Owl is a 21+ bar and grill with a cool, hipsterish vibe.

An array of cozy tables and booths are surrounded by dark blue walls covered in a wide assortment of black velvet paintings. I met up with some friends there awhile back, my second time there. It's a grab your own menu and a glass of water then seat yourself kind of place. I ordered an Oktoberfest beer while I waited.

Besides all the great black velvet paintings, they have a big screen TV above the bar - which can be seen from every angle in the joint - where they show classic 80's movies.

Like the other establishments in the Blackstone District, Nite Owl has a few vegan options. While I really should branch out and try the Tofu Kimchi Sliders, I absolutely adore their heavenly Sweet Potato-Black Bean burger with house-made vegan aioli. I paired it with a side of tots for a full, carbolicious meal.

If you want a casual meal in a fun, inviting atmosphere, give Nite Owl a try...if you live in Omaha or ever come visit that is.


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