Sometimes I Get Lazy and I Hate It

Why is it so easy to hit a lazy streak and stay there, making it so hard to climb back up? This has been me for a couple of weeks now. I hit a plateau recently, so over Labor Day weekend I didn't exercise or follow intermittent fasting (IF). In theory, this was a way for me to hit the 'reset' button so I could overcome the plateau. What actually happened is that I've spent the subsequent two weeks trying to stay on the wagon. 

The week after Labor Day, I did my normal walking, took a hike over the next weekend, and followed IF, but I caught myself overeating during my eight hours. I realized that my hormones were in play, so the following week, I started making a HUGE salad for lunch accompanied by a glass of almond milk with protein powder. That alone helped a bunch, but I got lazy over this last weekend (again) and ate like crap while getting little in the way of exercise. This is a far cry from what I had planned for the weekend. I'm taking a grueling, guided hike with my dad tonight and I had fully hoped to get a long hike in this weekend while being strict with IF in an effort to prepare. Instead, I got lazy. 

I'm not going to let myself stay discouraged - something I am definitely feeling right now - because I know that I'm probably still plateaued and my hormones are still overriding my sensibilities. It's hard not to feel discouraged though, I know, as I have been down this path before. If you get too lazy too long, you start backsliding, and that is the last thing in the Universe I want to happen. So, I'm going to be ultra-careful this week with IF and hope that the grueling hike tonight will help kickstart me back into health mode. 

Wish me luck.

What are some things you do to stay motivated on your journey? How do you deal with the negative emotions that result from feelings of failure? Let me know in the comments!


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