What's Going on, Spring?

What Spring should look like right now, but woefully doesn't.

Spring officially began - in the Northern Hemisphere - on March 20, the Spring Equinox. Typically, at least where I live, that means the temperatures start to warm up, the trees start to bud, it starts to rain frequently, and you might (might!) get one more snowstorm before April arrives. It also means you can start wearing lighter jackets and short-sleeved shirts. 

This Spring, however, has proven to be...shall I say, drunk? Yes, that's right. Go home Spring, you are drunk! Spring has heralded some of the aforementioned kind of days but has also peppered those days with straight-up Winter weather. It's confusing, and not just for us, the birds are also wondering what the hell is going on. Just look at this forecast for the month.

Make up your mind, Spring.

Today is April 14th, but you'd never be able to tell by looking outside. As you can see from the above photo, we had warm 70-degree weather on Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday (the photo shows 69 degrees, but it actually got up to 71 degrees). Now, look at today. See that 37 degrees with snowflakes coming out of the clouds? That's right, while it's raining right now, we're in the middle of a snow storm watch, with 80% chance of snow. I'm in Eastern Nebraska, but out in Western Nebraska, they started getting the white stuff yesterday. So while we were wearing shorts and sandals yesterday (no lie), out West they were definitely not.

Winter, you scoundrel.

See this picture? You'd think this was taken during Winter (ahem), but alas, it was taken in Western Nebraska this morning by a Facebook friend. This morning! And, it's heading our way. Ugh, I'm so over Winter.

What Spring is supposed to look like.

This photo, I took last week on the 5th. As you can see from the weather calendar above, it was 58 degrees that day and partly cloudy. The kids and I took advantage of the warm spring day to take a hike out at Hitchcock Nature Center, and it was beautiful! The last three days I wore my summer work clothes and shorts at home. 

Glancing at the weather calendar, it seems we should finally start seeing decent days by the end of the month, but it's just taking a frustratingly long time. Come back, Spring, we miss you! I promise never to complain about Winter not arriving ever again.


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