A Sunday Hike

Yesterday, I really needed to get outside. Last week was really busy & stressful, and ended on both a low and high note. While I've been doing cardio during the week before work, hiking is still my favorite way to get my blood flowing. Even when the weather is cold & icky, I will still manage to get a hike in on the weekends. Unfortunately, I hadn't been out hiking since our trip to Missouri, so I made a point of getting outside this weekend. 

Sunday, then, we headed out to one of our usual haunts: Schramm State Recreation Area. The weather was decent for this time of the year at a pleasant 50 degrees F, and the forest wasn't completely barren of Fall foliage.

Hints of green, yellow, red, gold, and brown were still evident here and there. It was gorgeous and really stood out amongst the burgeoning Winter landscape.

One of my favorite parts of the park is the fish pond that sits at the end of the trail we always hike. The green of the water gave everything a spring feel, while we could see the beautiful reflections of  Autumn-adorned trees. 

The three-mile hike was just what I needed to reset my batteries after a long, busy, stressful, and emotional week. There's nothing better, emotionally & physically, than a beautiful walk through the forest. 


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