Weekend Adventure, Part Two

Happy Friday! As promised, I present to you: Part Two of last weekend's adventures.

As you know from my post the other day, we did five miles of hiking on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, we made our way to Fontanelle Forest, where we explored a large area of the park. The Fontanelle Association owns Fontanelle Forest, but they also happen to own my favorite spot, Neale Woods. Fontanelle Forest is more popular, so I don't go here as often, but it's a beautiful spot to hike nonetheless. As we did Saturday, me, Nature Girl, and my husband enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

A HUGE leaf we saw, one of many, on our hike through the forest. It's one of our last looks of Autumn.

Nature Girl, walking along one of the main trails that leads off the boardwalk. Fontanelle Forest has a mile or so long boardwalk trail that is fun to walk. For serious hikers though, there are many trails that lead to and from the boardwalk. There are several miles worth of trails inside the forest.

We spotted these fungi hanging out on the bottom part of a tree. It's interesting to see all the different kinds of fungi that live in the woods around here. I've seen some of the "standard" white fungus that grows prevalently on the trees here, but I've seen a good four other kinds of fungi this year. I find it interesting, even though I know nothing about fungi.

A pretty bridge that provides a walkway over a creek. It lives in the valley that bridges the divide between the two elevated areas that make up this forest.

We walked on top of a fallen tree. Fallen trees make good homes for animals, as well as good places to sit as you walk through the forest. As I was stepping on, my husband and Nature Girl were already at the other end, waiting for me.

We had ascended the highest part of the woods, and as we reached the point where we could climb back down, we got a good vantage point of the Missouri River. It's just visible in the background between the trees.

After we climbed down into the valley, we crossed over the train tracks that run parallel to the Missouri River, and right to the edge of the river itself. We stood here for awhile, just admiring the beauty of nature. It's a good vantage spot for seeing the last of Fall's splendor.

After enjoying the serene beauty of the Mighty Missouri for awhile, we began the second half of our trek back to the nature center. We passed the swamp that's situated in the valley, and it's been covered all summer with a fine layer of green. It's looks like nature's carpet. 

The Sun was starting to set as we left the trails and got back onto the boardwalk. Most of the trees have lost their leaves, and look like black, rickety fingers against the darkening skies.

A view of the boardwalk as we made our way back to the nature center.

Fallen leaves upon the boardwalk. It made for a cool photograph. I might have to frame and hang this one!

While it's not going to be as warm here this weekend as compared to last weekend, it's still going to be in the high 50s and low 60s, so I'll probably bundle up and get outside before it gets really, really cold. Of course, I'll probably be saying that when it's 20 degrees outside as well. There's never a bad time to hike...not really. No matter what it's like outside where you are, I hope you'll enjoy your weekend, no matter what your plans are. Enjoy your life. 



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