Winter Wonderland

Where I live, it's been at least five years since we've had a proper winter. What I mean by that is that we have had pretty mild weather, for the most part, and barely any snow. A few weeks back I made a post about the morning we started to get some snow. Well you know what? That snow was melted and gone before I even left for work that day.

This morning, our daughter woke us up with an excited, "Look outside!" as she opened the bedroom shades and thus unleashed a brightness that can only come from snowfall. Sure enough, outside I was greeted with the view you see in the picture. We finally, truly, have snow! This is exciting because Christmas never seems like Christmas without snow, and, as I'm a Swede, today is our Christmas.

We aren't celebrating until next weekend as we have to work all through this one. We'll make it extra special for the kids, and sometimes celebrating Christmas a different week from everyone else seems less hectic. 

I've been really busy the past week and so haven't spent much time writing or keeping up with my social media stuff. I'm glad that I finally have some breathing room from all of my busy work, and can spend some time today focusing on the thing I love to do most. I'm in the mood for a good breakfast too, so I'm going to whip up some vegan waffles and sausages while drinking a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Have a fantastic day, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, God Yul, and Happy Holidays!



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