Cunningham Lake

Between uncooperative weather and working long graveyard shifts, I haven't been able to get outside as much lately as I would like. If you've learned anything about me by now, it would surely be that I adore being outside, surrounded by nature. Yesterday was a warm day for winter (around 60 degrees F), so when the kids got home from school I rushed them out to Cunningham Lake, just north of town, before the sun set.

We had a nice walk, found a trail out there we didn't know existed, and got some great photographs as the sun made it's way down the horizon. More importantly, I got to reset my batteries...something that nature provides me and that I feel is very important. It's nice to be able to step away from our daily hustle 'n bustle to just take in nature and breathe deeply.

This last photograph was taken in the same light as the last one, but I used my flash and it made the background black, giving it the appearance of being nighttime. I thought that was pretty cool.


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