The Station - An Update

So, my latest book "The Station" got a new review recently, and it joins the rank of other good reviews. 

"Great paranormal thriller. I loved the small town and forest setting, it made the “thriller” part more thrilling. I could place myself in those woods and feel my own heart race as the main character searched for the ghost in the dark forest. Scary."

It's good to see how much people are liking this book. I felt in my heart that I had really improved from the first, then to the second, and then to this, my third book. I've grown and improved as a writer and a storyteller, and it shows. If you haven't picked up your ebook copy yet, please get it here: . It's only $2.99 for purchase! Not too shabby for an awesome paranormal thriller.

I'm hard at work on my 4th book as well as a few short stories that I am looking to submitting to a magazine and an anthology. I will reveal the cover next month sometime along with a teaser for my 4th book, so stay tuned down the road!

Have a great weekend, and if you need some good reading on these chilly days....



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