For many people, it's easy to dream about success and how they envision their future, but for a large portion of these people it will never be anything more than that: a dream. It's one thing to daydream about something, but it's entirely another to actually work towards it.

I talk to many people where this rings true. They talk about all the things they're going to have in the future, and they use the word 'someday' so frequently it almost hurts. But when does someday come? The truth is, for many people it never does. The reason? It's easier to dream about something and hope it just happens rather than actually start working towards their goal.

And herein lies another truth: nothing is ever going to just fall in your have to work for it. I'm not just talking about jobs and money here, I'm talking about dreams. You want to be a writer, an artist, a musician, a doctor, a world traveler? You'll never be any of those things unless you start working towards it, not someday, but today. Now.

Furthermore, dreams don't happen overnight (maybe for a select few, but that's not reality for the majority of us). It takes patience and time to be a success. Giving up should never be an option, because some dreams take years to realize.

When I first started writing, I researched the Indie market and knew right away that realizing my dreams of being a successful author was going to require a lot of work, patience, and time. My other dream, besides being a writer, is to be a traveler. I've already worked hard to make that happen, and I work hard now by working two jobs and saving my money regularly so I can continue to make that happen.

I know that being a successful writer will take years of hard work, and that it might never happen at all, BUT at least I tried by working as hard as I could at it. I know that being a successful traveler require a lot of work, saving, and the realization that I can't travel all the time.

What I want you to take away is that if you really want something, start working hard for it, and start working now. Someday never comes and today is already here.


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