I was raised by a single father, and I can remember, growing up, how we always did something on the weekends. Whether we camped, hiked, fished, took a road trip, went on vacation, went shopping, visited friends, or just played games, my dad always made sure we spent time together. I always, always, remember those times with fondness.

But, it was more than just doing something, it was bonding. We had the best conversations, I gained respect for nature, and I learned many things from my dad, who was seemingly an endless fountain of knowledge. I learned what plants were poisonous, how to float in the water, the importance of being prepared, and so many other things. Most of all, I spent quality time with the person I loved most: my dad.

Now that I'm grown, I strive to do the same thing with my own children. Whether we pack up some food and hit the trails, grab blankets for free movie night in the park, have a slumber party in the living room, or make homemade pizzas together, we make the most of our time together. What could be more fun or important than that?

Your children will not remember that thing you bought them 15 years ago, but they will remember that time you went camping, it rained, and you made light of it by whipping out a pack of cards to play a game in the tent.

Someday, all too soon, your children will leave the house and start their own lives. They will have their own families and their priorities will shift to them. You will always be important to them, but it won't be the same. So, instead of letting time slip through your fingers, build memories that they will cherish forever, and I guarantee they will do the same with their own children.

Children are a gift, don't take it for granted, and time is a gift, so use it wisely.

Enjoy your day,

H.A. Larson


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