Strawberry Moon

I'm sure at least some of you saw the images floating around recently, on various media sites, about the strawberry moon that was to occur on June 2. I saw it, and since I love that kind of thing, I decided that I would view it. So many times I see some notification about some cool moon happening, and I either forget or fall asleep too early!  Not this time!  

I went to visit a friend and her baby in the hospital, and, as such, I arrived back home around 11:30 pm.  I then logged onto facebook and saw the image about the strawberry moon (so yeah, I did forget), and so I grabbed my kids and we drove out to where we could get a better view of the moon-my town is a tree town, and sometimes it's really hard to see celestial objects.  We didn't see a pink-colored, strawberry moon, but we did see a large, bright moon!  

Usually, when I try and take a picture of the moon on my camera, it's just a pin prick on a field of black. Here are the three pictures I took, the first is larger than my regular pin prick photos, and the other two are different stages of zoom.  Not strawberry, but still cool!  We enjoyed it, and it was fun to get outside with the kids at midnight.  

The next day, I did read a friend's posting about it, where it was discussed that when the moon first hit the sky, it had a pink hue.  Oh well, it was cool anyway!


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