Vegan French Toast

Yesterday, I had friends in from out-of-town and we had a fantastic morning.  We drank coffee, fed our bellies, and took an amazing hike out in the forest.  After that, we made a pit stop at the grocery store in order to get some items to make a delicious supper.  While perusing the aisles, we came across the day-old bread shelf.  There were tons of goodies, in particular we found long loaves of French and Italian breads that were slightly stale.  At 39 cents a piece (yes, I said 39 cents!) I grabbed about $2.00 worth.  

Last night, while looking at my pile of bargain bread, I was hit with a super idea.  These slightly stale loaves would make the perfect vegan French toast!  So, that's exactly what I made the troops for breakfast this morning, and I thought I'd share.  You'd never know they were vegan, and everyone gobbled them up.  

Now, I made a double batch as I had two out-of-town guests, the four in my own family, and an extra child who was spending the night (for those of you counting, that makes seven).  Anyway, you can easily halve this recipe.  Enjoy!

Vegan French Toast


1 1/2 c. flax milk (any vegan milk will work perfect)
1/2 c. vanilla coconut yogurt (again, any vegan yogurt will do)
2 T. ground flax
1/2 c. chickpea/garbanzo bean flour
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
1 1/2 - 2 loaves of slightly stale French or Italian bread


1.  Cut your loaves of bread into thick slices.  I cut mine about 1/2 inch thick.

2.  In a mixing bowl, combine all the other ingredients and beat lightly for a minute with a whisk.

3.  Warm up a frying pan on medium heat on the stove.  When the frying pan is warm, spray with cooking spray or add a tablespoon of your favorite cooking oil.

4.  Dip two slices of bread in the batter, making sure to coat both sides well.  Let the excess batter drain off for a second back into the bowl.

5.  Add the two slices of battered bread into the frying pan.  Cook on each side until brown, like you were cooking regular french toast or pancakes.  The batter will get brown around the edges, and that's usually a good guideline.

6.  Serve immediately.  If you prefer to make all the slices before serving, you can put the slices on a cookie sheet and put into an oven set at 175 degrees to stay warm until you're ready to serve.


The toppings you can serve with this are nearly endless!  Be creative and use fresh fruit, powdered sugar, syrup, jams, or whatever else you think sounds great.  Also, you can add whatever spices you prefer.  Apple pie or pumpkin pie spice would be great, as would a splash of vanilla.  It's not going to affect the final product, so again, dare to be creative.  Don't forget to enjoy!  You're going to love these.  


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